Bathroom Renovation Cost In Canada


When should you renovate the bathroom? And why is it important?

There are many reasons why renovating a bathroom is necessary. If you are planning to sell an old property, you should flip it to sell it at a higher price. If you are moving into a new home and you are not satisfied with the current state of your bathroom consider giving it a new look. Another reason is if you are tired of the old look of your bathroom and you want to update it for aesthetic purposes.

A bathroom’s renovation cost depends on the size of the bathroom, the scope of the project, and the materials that will be used in the project. In this blog, we’ll do an initial breakdown of costs to give you an idea of how much a bathroom remodel would cost.

Average Cost Per Square Foot

The price per square foot for a complete bathroom remodeling ranges from $100 to $200. Nearly $80 per square foot is typical for a bathroom "refresh," which is a decorative or partial makeover. The average cost can significantly increase if you decide to integrate smart home technologies.

For luxurious bathrooms, the cost can rise up to $1000 per square foot. However, this is highly unusual. If you have a standard-sized bathroom and are planning to do a typical remodel, it can pay up to $100 to $200 per square foot which is the normal price in most Canadian homes.

Your location, the condition of the bathroom, and the extent of your project all affect the actual cost. Costs increase with plumbing relocation, room expansion, and the use of expensive fixtures.

Average Cost by Bathroom Type

There are various types of bathrooms in the house. There is the powder room, full bathroom, small bathroom, master bathroom, wet room, and so on. The price of a bathroom makeover depends on the type of bathroom you are renovating. There are no one-size fits all price points when renovating a bathroom because costs may vary significantly considering your demands, needs, and preferences. Here are the typical estimates of the four most popular bathroom types.

  • Full bathroom

Between $3,500 to $15,000 is needed for a complete bathroom makeover. It costs between $2,800 and $6,750 to redesign a room partially. The bathroom can be any size, containing the basic fixtures of a bathroom such as a sink, vanity, toilet, shower, and bathtub.

  • Small bathroom

Small bathrooms range in size from 25 to 30 square feet. They come equipped with a toilet, sink, and shower; the sink is typically put in a tiny vanity. This type typically offers a variety of functions while fitting into locations that are too tiny for a complete bath. Average costs for a modest bathroom remodel range from $2,000 to $2,700 for a partial remodel and from $2,500 to $6,000 for a full remodel.

  • Powder room

Powder rooms only contain a sink and a toilet which makes them half bathrooms. They are often positioned away from a foyer or entrance. Instead of family, they are frequently used by visitors and guests. A comprehensive makeover of a powder room can cost between $1,500 and $4,000 in total. You should allocate a budget between $1,200 and $1,800 if you are deciding on a partial remodel.

  • High-end bathroom

Luxurious or high-end bathrooms consist of high-end tiling, smart shower systems, and custom cabinets as well as team showers, automated fixtures, and imitation finishes on the walls. They frequently vary in size, look, and substance since they are individualized and customized. A luxury bathroom makeover typically costs between $20,000 and $100,000. This is common in luxury houses specifically in master bedrooms. If you plan to do a partial makeover of your high-end bathroom, it would cost half the price of a full high-end bathroom renovation cost.

Breakdown of Costs

Many of the components remain the same throughout bathroom renovations, regardless of size or type. Included in this are all different kinds of labor, such as demolition and installation work, as well as supplies and furnishings. In this section, we will discuss where the money goes in a typical $20,000 bathroom renovation cost.



Depending on the material and room size, the cost of the flooring for your bathroom remodel might also vary greatly. There are various possibilities, though most homeowners use tile because it is water-resistant. You can also choose between wood or vinyl flooring. Wood costs between $70-$700 while wood is around $210-$750. Tile on the other hand costs between $315-$3,200.



In addition to the material cost, the installation of tiles ranges from $5 to $10. The cost will increase as more space is tiled. You can choose from a variety of tiles, including ceramic, glass, stone, and porcelain. Each comes in a variety of looks, sizes, price points, and colors.



A bathroom painting job typically costs $350. Depending on how much or how little the bathroom walls are tiled.



One of the most crucial elements of bathroom design is the shower. It also accounts for one of the biggest portions of your overall expense. A prefabricated shower that is installed simply starts at roughly $525, whereas a custom shower with all materials and labor can run up to $10,000.



Whether a bathtub is built beside a shower or on its own, it can increase the value of your house. The typical starting price for supplies and labor for a simple alcove tub installation is $700. Expensive jetted bathtubs with difficult installation requirements can cost well over $20,000.



The price of a basic toilet, including installation, is as little as $295. For the toilet and installation, wall-mounted types can be more expensive; some can cost up to $3,000 in total.



Another crucial element of the design is the sink. The sink area may frequently serve as the room's focal point.  Undermount sinks cost about $70, and decorative sinks can cost up to $5,000.



Vanity prices can range from $200 to $20,000, depending on how many you buy, the type of wood you use, and whether you opt for pre-built or bespoke cabinets.



A lot of the time, bathroom lights, especially in the shower, need to be water-resistant.  This typically results in higher installation costs. The installation cost of sconces, shower lights, and light/fan combinations cost $100-$500 each.



It costs about $770 to update the plumbing in a bathroom renovation. This excludes plumbing equipment or supplies, which can run about $5,300. If you want to relocate fixtures from their current location, be prepared to pay more. The more complex the plumbing and expensive the fixtures, the more your overall plumbing expenditures will be.


Labor Cost

The cost of renovating the bathroom is largely labor-based. Hiring a contractor who manages the project while subcontracting the majority of the work as usual. You might engage with several different contractors on a bathroom renovation. A handyman might occasionally refurbish a modest bathroom. Usually, half bathrooms or bathtubs are less than 100 square feet and can be done by a handyman at $50 to $100 per hour.


A bathroom makeover is a fantastic project to do, whether your goal is to enhance your quality of life or boost the value of your property overall. Consider the modifications you want to make, then base your budget on those adjustments. Learn how to do a bathroom renovation smoothly by engaging with an expert designer virtually.

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