FAQ about house renovations at Spaice

General Questions

What is Spaice?

Spaice ensures that homeowners get a superior house renovation experience. We provide professional advice and a streamlined competitive bidding procedure. Give us a description of your ideal home, and we'll introduce you to several general contractors that are qualified, willing to work within your budget, and eager to make your dream a reality. We have employed our industry-leading screening approach for professional credentials, work quality, and communication abilities to all Spaice general contractors.

Is Spaice just a renovation contractor's List?

Spaice is not just a list; it is much more! We survey the unique needs of your house renovations and enlist the most qualified general contractors to handle it. When analyzing your building, there are several house renovation parameters we consider, including the type of house renovations, the required specialty, the location, the budget, and the required design and architecture services. To make the procedure more efficient, we offer advice and online resources. Members of the Spaice team collaborate closely with the contractor throughout the building process to help reduce surprises and keep your refurbishment on schedule.

What makes a Spaice general contractor stand out?

Spaice works with the best general contractors the world over. All general contractors employed by Spaice undergo our stringent application process. Only successful contractors are contracted to work with Spaice. Some of the eligibility requirements include:

  • checking for all necessary licenses
  • verifying that they are fully insured
  • assessing the caliber of their work
  • conducting live interviews to gauge their level of professionalism and trust
  • speaking with references from previous clients

To make the most precise matching, we thoroughly research our contractors, which is found on our Contractor Vetting page.

Where is Spaice used?

New service areas are constantly being added by us. Visit our Locations page to learn whether we are currently handling house renovations in your neighborhood.

Interior Design Questions

What is 3D walkthrough rendering?

A 3D walkthrough is a procedure that allows you to virtually visit any building from anywhere ‌using internet connectivity.

How can my contractor benefit from 3D walkthrough rendering?

It enables the contractor to see your interior more clearly and provides ideas that consider any potential difficulties with your restoration project.

Renovation Questions

What is the cost of working with Spaice general contractors?

Working with Spaice contractors does not incur too much cost. We work with the best contractors who are committed to offering you the best house renovations at a pocket-friendly price.

Spaice general contractors charge the same as their competitors in the house renovation sector.

Am I required to work with a general contractor from Spaice's network?

We wholeheartedly endorse using Spaice general contractors since they are fantastic! Your obligation to do so, however, is completely arbitrary.

Does my house renovation project require a building permit?

If you want to alter the structure of a room (by adding a bathroom, turning a bedroom into a kitchen, attaching an add-on facility, etc.), or the exterior of your home (by changing the porch, windows, etc.), you must get a building permit. Check with your municipality to see if you need to apply for permission.

How can I change my house renovation project after work has started?

Send written change requests to your general contractor with a copy to your project manager (cc). Before making any adjustments, find out how they will affect the project's budget and timeframe to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What should I do when my house renovation is completed?

We will solicit your opinions on the encounter and make recommendations for enhancements. We consider all comments carefully and will adjust as necessary to offer the best home renovation services in the sector.

What must I do when there is a flaw in my house renovations?

After your house renovation project, identify and note down any flaws you find. Send pictures and this list to your general contractor. Before you make your last payment, have a look over the corrections as a group to make sure everything is correct. If you need help, a Spaice project manager is available.

Support Questions

How does the payment procedure work?

Invoices will be sent to you through email, and you can pay us online with a credit card, pre-authorized debit, or bank transfer. Each contractor has their preferred form of payment. We advise the following payment process:

10% down payment at contract signing;

25% on the first day of house renovation; and, depending on the situation, 45% during the renovation in two installments of, say, 25% and 20%.

20% after the job is finished

Why is a deposit required before renovation begins?

he general contractor can buy the things they need and engage staff with the help of a deposit. General contractors rarely consent to advance money for the purchase of materials or the payment of subcontractors, and they avoid financing homeowner projects. However, it's typical for homeowners to defer making the final 20% payment until the project is finished.

Will Spaice insure my renovation project?

Spaice does not provide insurance for contractors or homeowners. We make sure that every contractor using our platform carries general liability insurance with at least $2,000,000 in coverage. Never be afraid to get your contractor's insurance certificate before the work starts. Before your renovation, you should also inquire with your home insurance carrier about any additional coverage that may be needed, especially if your property will be vacant.

What must I do if a contractor damages my property?

In an incident of damage during house renovations, get in touch with your home insurance company to file a claim; they will walk you through the rest of the process.