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We design and build everything from a small condo to whole house remodeling

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We offer complete house remodelling services based on your needs and budget

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spaice Studio specializes in all types of retail renovations, stores, offices, restaurants and more

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We believe quality comes from experienced & careful techniques

Find the best home remodeling contractors in Toronto & GTA

Trusted Home Remodeling Services: From Condos to Full House Renovations

spaice Studio is your reliable partner for all your home remodeling needs, offering expert design and construction services for projects of all sizes. Whether you're looking to transform a small condo or undertake a complete house remodeling, our team has the expertise to deliver outstanding results. With a wide range of internal services, we can handle diverse projects, including single-family homes, apartments, industrial facilities, retail spaces, and office building extensions.

At spaice Studio, we understand the importance of thorough renovation methods. That's why we prioritize fast response times, deadline dependability, and transparent cost management. Our dedicated team is always available to provide you with the support and guidance you need throughout the remodeling process.

Our skilled home remodel contractors specialize in various crafts related to home remodeling, including whole house renovation and condo renovation. With their expertise, they ensure a contemporary design for your bathroom, living area, utility room, and the entire property. From initial planning to flawless execution, our home remodel contractors provide comprehensive advice tailored to your specific building project.

Experience the benefits of working with spaice Studio design and renovations. Gain access to our team of highly skilled home remodel contractors and embark on a transformative journey for your home. Trust us to bring your vision to life with professionalism, precision, and a commitment to excellence.

Why Choose spaice Studio For Your Custom Home Renovation In Toronto

Choose spaice Studio for expert, personalized home renovations that blend quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction seamlessly


Extensive Experience

With over 25 years in the industry, spaice has a wealth of experience in house renovation and remodeling, making them a trusted choice for your project.


One-Stop Service

spaice offers a comprehensive range of home improvement services, from custom-built renovations to kitchen and bathroom remodels, making them a convenient one-stop solution for all your renovation needs.


High-Quality Work

spaice is committed to delivering high-quality renovations using the best materials and innovative methods, ensuring your home is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting.


Personalized Approach

spaice tailors their services to your unique needs and preferences, ensuring your home truly reflects your lifestyle and taste.


Expert Advice

spaice's team of interior architects and designers provides expert advice tailored to your lifestyle, budget, and needs, helping you make informed decisions about your renovation project.


Positive Customer Feedback

spaice has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers, reflecting their commitment to excellent service and high-quality work.

Exceptional Home Remodeling Services

Exceptional Home Remodeling Services: Transforming Your Home According to Your Needs and Budget in Toronto and the GTA

spaice Studio design and renovation is renowned for its exceptional team of home remodel contractors who are dedicated to delivering satisfying results within your financial and time constraints. We understand that a stress-free house renovation may seem impossible, but with spaice design and renovation, it becomes a reality. Our commitment is to provide you with a positive and pleasurable experience throughout your entire home remodeling project. When you choose to work with our home remodel contractors, you can expect an undeniably stunning outcome.

At spaice Studio design and renovation, we undertake home remodeling projects of all sizes while keeping our focus on our core mission: creating extraordinary homes where people can live in comfort. With numerous completed projects in various facets of residential construction, including kitchens, bathrooms, basements, additions, outdoor living spaces, and specialty areas, we have built a strong reputation for excellence. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in our many positive reviews on HomeStars and Google.

Experience the spaice Studio design and renovation difference and witness the transformation of your home. Our team of skilled home remodel contractors is ready to bring your vision to life, ensuring that your home reflects your unique style and meets your functional needs. With our expertise and attention to detail, we guarantee outstanding results that will exceed your expectations.

spaice Studio provides top-notch house renovations in Toronto and GTA. Our exceptional service and positive reviews on Google and HomeStar reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality work.

Eileen Jiang in Toronto
Eileen Jiang in Toronto
Basement Renovation

Andy did a great job as a business development manager, he made the whole process so enjoyable! When there were some issues happening, Andy was so nice to take time to answer my concerns and fix things quickly. Finally, I love my basement design and was delighted with the final results.

Tina in Toronto
Tina in Toronto
Detached house owner

I'd never heard of Spaice before but a friend recommended I check out their website. I wanted to invest in a bit of interior design for my new apartment. I called them two months ago and discussed with their designer about the kitchen and bathroom floor plan and my preference.

Luke Walker in Markham
Luke Walker in Markham
Full house renovation

Spaice have been incredible to work with. When we purchased our new home, we wanted to put our personal touches on our new space, but were frankly overwhelmed. They listened to our wish list and ideas for the spaces and was able to thoughtfully, and artfully, make those ideas a reality.

Michael in Toronto
Michael in Toronto
3D Interior design

I was looking for interior design companies that specialize in home reno design in Toronto. I've worked with other interior design companies in the past but Spaice is by far the most impressive team I've worked with. They sent me a home tour in 3d at the very beginning showing that we were all working on the same page. They turn my idea into a stunning design, I said WOW at the time they show me the final 3d rendering of the whole house design. Good job guys!

Katherine in Toronto
Katherine in Toronto
Whole house renovation

My colleague recommended I check in with Spaice to help design my house interior. From start to finish, Spaice communicated quickly and listened to my ideas. My living room design and bathroom renovation have made my home feel much more inviting. I love how they have created more space by redesigning all the furniture, including the cabinets and closets. They sent me the virtual view rendering based on the new floor plan design; I could see every detail of the interior design before the reno started; it's a perfect internal design experience with Spaice team. Thank you, guys!

William Tseng in Markhamoronto
William Tseng in Markhamoronto
Basement renovation

It was such a positive experience working with Spaice to renovate my basement! Every segment, from design to construction, was nicely coordinated, and I was delighted with the service they provided along the way. The designers, Carol and Julia, were experienced and gave amazing layout, design and finishes suggestions. Project managers Peter and Tony were also very professional in procuring the materials and overseeing the project. I would recommend them to anyone looking to renovate their homes.

Amy in Toronto
Amy in Toronto
Kitchen renovation

Fantastic experience from start to finish. I love seeing the virtual walkthrough that they designed for my kitchen. Spaice answered all my questions quickly and listened to my input. I had some inspiration from Instagram, and they created a unique space for me based on the things I love: super helpful team and amazing service. I wish I'd booked a consultation sooner, the result is just fantastic and completed so quickly too. Thank you!

Shelly Douglas in Scarborough
Shelly Douglas in Scarborough
Basement renovation

I had a basement upgrade for my dated 1970s looking space. They had to demolish my bar and remove a lot of annoying stucco and create a better looking laundry room and office space. I met with Susan who was so personable and down to earth and helped make decisions based on my budget. Then I worked with Julia who helped me see the vision in a matterport scan . That was my favorite part, since I have challenges when it comes to envisioning a space. Thank you Susan and the whole team . I highly recommend you!

Kitchen Renovation and Bathroom Gallery Of Recent Projects

Transforming Old Homes into Modern, Enjoyable Living Spaces through Design and Build

Recent Projects In Toronto & GTA

Discover how spaice Studio can transform your space with our top-tier renovation services as we navigate complex regulations and deliver exceptional results tailored to your needs.

House Renovation: Before and After

Here are tons of house makeovers BEFORE and AFTER photos of home renovations. All these projects were designed by our interior designers and architects from spaice Studio.

01 before 01 after

Kitchen Renovation Project

Budget: $25,000

Time: 2 months

02 before 02 after

Full home renovation - Living room

Budget: 65,000

Time: 5 weeks

03 before 03 after

Full home renovation - Bedroom

Budget: 65,000

Time: 5 weeks

Home Remodelling Process

What’s in our home remodeling showroom?

We provide a clear and transparent process

Our showrooms make the experience of shopping for homeowners and home remodel contractors easy and convenient by offering products from a single location. The showroom is all about providing design inspiration and providing a hands-on experience for the customer. This includes being able to guide the customer through the area and help them design their ideal project by utilizing the range of samples that are on display.

Involves everyone and doesn't cause any stress

The goal is to come up with a process that is not only fun but also involves everyone and doesn't cause any stress! Our showroom is also a useful tool for increasing sales for contractors, making it a perfect location to bring potential customers as they remodel their homes. When guests come to the showrooms, they can depend on the helpfulness and expertise of the staff members to answer any queries they may have. We also made deals with both local and international businesses so that we could show off samples of different materials in our showroom.

Free one-on-one consultation with a home remodel designer

When you visit one of our showrooms, you'll speak with a member of our experienced team of interior designers, who will provide you with a personalized, cost-free consultation on the design of your space and guidance on the selection of products. You have the option of coming in with your design ideas and watching them come to life, or you can leave it up to our designers to come up with something; a remarkable visualization tool that can quickly bring your vision to life. Designing your dream project with Spaice's state-of-the-art design application is an excellent way to get started on the path to achieving your goals. When compared to words, a picture is worth a thousand times more. In contrast to conventional two-dimensional drawings or mood board drawings, it's challenging to comprehend the overall scope of the project. When working on a remodeling project of any kind, making mistakes or deciding to make adjustments is an incredibly expensive and time-consuming endeavor that can push back completion dates. Why would you expose yourself to that danger? You will receive a photorealistic rendered image coupled with a 720-degree virtual walkthrough to ensure that there is no room for misunderstanding. Modifications can be made quickly if any are required, and they will continue to be made until you are completely happy with the product. The time needed to construct everything will be cut down because of this. We also give our customers the option to buy furniture and decorations in the same place, which saves them both time and money.

Following the purchase of a product, we make delivery on time

Our team will begin working with you to create a project timetable as soon as the design and budget have been accepted. This timeline will figure out when the product will be shipped and when it will be built.

We provide recommendations of certified home remodel contractors

To assist you in bringing your ideas to fruition and making them a reality, we have collaborated with a group of highly skilled general contractors. These contractors have years of expertise, and ‌they are properly licensed and have been screened to ensure that the work they do for our customers is of the highest possible quality. Our partners include companies such as Baeumler Approved, FTC, Merrett Homes, E-Green Construction Inc., and many others. Smart Reno is an initiative that is powered by RBC Ventures. You can rely on them to take care of all of your renovation requirements.

Top-Rated Whole House Remodel Contractor

We believe quality comes from experienced & careful techniques

Your home may feel cramped or outmoded, which makes you frustrated. Maybe you've been looking for a new home but haven't found anything you love. Your home needs some work before you can sell it, but you're ready to do that. Whatever the cause, there are many alternatives for updating and changing a current home to make it fit your lifestyle and unique ideas of what a home should feel like. The necessity for more space to accommodate a growing family or the fact that the current design of the home doesn't meet their needs are two common reasons why individuals start home renovation projects. While some of these projects start as a single-room makeover, they can quickly spread to other areas of the house and end up as a full-house redesign.

Make your home more useful and increase its value.

Small, closed-off rooms in older homes are opened up to create spacious, flowing areas. For a personalized design look, new cabinets, appliances, and fixtures are installed. A whole-home renovation or remodeling project can be an extensive and intimidating undertaking. Many choices must be made, and many factors must be taken into account. It's a major decision even to decide how much of the house to renovate and for what reason. Renovating is an investment, so keep that in mind despite all of these choices. No matter how big they are, any changes you make to your home should make it more useful and increase its value.

Spaice offers stylish and elegant designs for your home renovation projects

When remodeling your entire house, one of the best decisions you can make is to hire a whole-home remodel contractor. An easy, stress-free approach can be achieved with the aid of contractors like Spaice Home Remodel Contractor. We'll be able to tell you what will and won't work with your current house. Our contractors will also make design, style, and technological suggestions for home renovations that you might not have thought of. Spaice is a great resource for finding subcontractors who specialize in specific areas, such as carpenters, electricians, and plumbers.

A top rated full home remodeling contractors In Toronto & GTA

#1 rated basement renovation contractors

At Spaice Renovation, we take a distinctive approach to project management, which enables us to guarantee that each basement remodel will be finished promptly and will produce high-quality results. Because we have a timeline that is extraordinarily well planned, we are aware of everything that is happening at the construction site daily, without fail. Our method is entirely open to view, which sets us apart from other organizations that remodel basements. Take a look at the timeline for the remodeling of your basement that we have provided below to get an idea of how well-informed you will be during the entire process.

Spaice is one of the few basement remodeling contractors in both the United States and Canada that is completely covered by insurance. We are covered through a workers' compensation policy. Everyone who is working on your project is protected by this insurance since we require all of our subcontractors to provide us with copies of their insurance certificates before they start working on it. Because of the solid and long-lasting ties we have with our subcontractors, we have complete faith in the project's ability to be planned and carried out successfully. The reputation that we have earned as trustworthy basement contractors is invaluable to us. Because of this, we can tell you exactly when your basement renovation project will be done, and there won't be any surprises or extra costs.

Qualified condo renovation contractors

All home remodel contractors at Spaice renovation, provide high-quality condo remodeling services that our past clients love.

To lessen the impact that we have on the environment and do our part to cut down on carbon emissions, we are committed to improving the energy efficiency of the renovations we perform.

To assist you in bringing your ideas for a condo makeover into fruition, our team of home remodel contractors pay meticulous attention to the smallest of details, work with products of the highest possible quality, and maintain an extensive network of some of the industry's most talented architects and designers.

Condo makeovers might look like they have few options, but in reality, they do! You may make your space into something truly one of a kind in a variety of inventive ways, such as by altering it entirely, installing brand-new fixtures and fittings, or rethinking its purpose entirely.

Contact us to remodel your condominium into an aesthetic space while preserving a positive relationship with the people who live around you. We will work with you to transform your area into a cozy abode that embodies your unique personality.

Professional kitchen renovation contractors

The kitchen is an important part of every home where most adults spend a lot of time each time they are home. Just like your bedroom and living room, remodeling your kitchen will make it a fun space for you, your family, and visitors.

New trends in kitchen design often appear every ten years, which makes it worthwhile to renovate your kitchen always. Additionally, new appliances give you greater freedom to maximize your kitchen space. We are fortunate to have access to almost all of the contemporary materials and fixtures used in kitchen renovations. Work with Spaice home remodel contractors to transform, and create a wonderful space in your kitchen for meals with the family or hosting your next celebration. We'd help you switch from laminate to granite, quartz, wood, or stone for your countertops. What lever your kitchen remodeling needs are, our professional home remodel contractors will give you the perfect solution.

Most trustworthy commercial renovation contractors

Instead of constructing a brand-new facility, many businesses decide to embark on commercial remodeling, which may be a large project. If a company lacks the space to expand, it may decide to redesign to make the most of the space they do have. For a business that needs to expand but does not have the resources to invest in a new location and building, this can be a wise decision. Businesses that decide to take on a commercial renovation project must employ a general remodel contractor with experience in this field.

In contrast to a new building, the framework is pre-existing. They must understand how to modify current structures while preserving structural integrity. The contractor must be able to work with different subcontractors who are experts in different parts of the building. Whether all or a portion of a remodel will be occupied during construction has a significant impact on the remodel's complexity and duration. moving people, furniture, etc. frequently takes place in several stages when working with employees, clients, students, etc.

When you work with Spaice remodel contractors, we work to ensure that your building stays in use during the remodeling process. We come up with creative ideas for the order of demolition, remodeling, moving utilities, etc. Depending on your preferences and available funds, a commercial remodeling project may transform a basic building into a glitzy exhibit. The owner must first formulate a broad vision for how they want their property to appear. Our team will then have a better sense of what has to be done, how much material will be required, and how much the project is likely to cost.

Why choose spaice for your next remodeling project?

Award-winning interior designer, decorator, and certified home stager.

Committed to satisfying you

Home remodeling is a thoughtful synergy of art and science. A good home remodel contractor enthusiastically blends two or more elements to suit your tastes and requirements. That's exactly what we do at Spaice renovation. We combine our creative skills and knowledge of home remodeling science to provide excellent home improvement projects. Until we get the results you want, our friendly, knowledgeable, and creative staff will guide you and keep you up to date at every step.

Your partner in remodeling

Home remodel contractors at Spaice renovation act as your remodeling partner.  Unlike other conventional remodeling corporations, we treat your area as if it were our own and put our all into giving it the look that matches your design goals and spending limit. You can rely on our home remodel contractors as much as you would on a close friend for your home improvement work.

We uphold clear communication

Communication is important to us; hence we imbibe professional and effective communication. Because communication is essential to keep any project moving in the correct direction, we establish open lines of contact with you from the initial consultation through to the completion of your project. Our home remodel contractors stay in contact with you and keep you informed about the status of the project through interactive apps and mobile messaging.

Dependable, on-time, and budget-friendly delivery

Our skilled home model contractors work effectively and make every effort to finish the project on time and within budget. Unexpected renovations could arise and result in minor project delays and an increase in expenditure. To avoid any inconvenience on the road, we will let you know about this before moving forward with the rest of the project.

Cleaning up after the project is our duty

Maintaining your home's cleanliness is crucial if you want to finish your renovation job without getting sick of it. Every day before we leave, we clean all dirt and debris-littered areas to get rid of clutter, dirt, and discarded items. Our home remodel contractors are committed to maintaining the immaculacy of the job site. This keeps your pets and small children safe and saves you from having to clean every day during the project.

Committed to honesty and transparency

Home remodeling does not involve starting from scratch as a new structure does. During regular renovation work, you might open a wall in the kitchen or living room and find damage you didn't know about.

If this occurs, we will be open and honest with you about the situation and the choices available to us for resolving it. We are your reliable renovation choice because we uphold honesty and integrity in everything we do.

Virtual Walkthroughs in 3D for House Designs

Just picture yourself strolling around the rooms of your ideal house before our home remodel contractors put even a single nail in place or lay any concrete.

Enjoy a lifelike stroll through your home and observe how the light penetrates the space at various times of the day and throughout the year. You can view how our home remodel contractors take every step through your house remodel process. Just from the comfort of your couch, you can change walls, alter the design of windows or transfer them to different locations, or expand your deck. Alternately, you might also change the colors, as well as the materials and the fittings.

Get 3D Design And Budget Consultations Today

Spaice: Renowned Toronto-Based Home Renovation Company Catering to Diverse Styles and Preferences