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Whatever your house renovation needs are, whether it is core renovation services, interior design services, or exterior renovation needs, Spaice has you covered.

Welcome to Spaice, where you'd enjoy all interior design services

Who we are
Spaice is a planner network for contractors, interior design companies, and design with a focus on conversion and old building renovation. We conceive, design, plan, coordinate and implement buildings, interiors, object design, and much more. Other services include energy advice, valuation, damage assessment, and the assumption of individual service phases.

In doing so, we take technical and economic factors into account also ecological and social aspects. Our work focuses on advising, supporting, and representing the interests of our customers. Our goal is to find the best possible solution for each client in terms of room allocation, function, material, design, and financial scope, and not to offer any “off-the-shelf” designs. We attach great importance to competent implementation on the construction site.
Full-service luxury interior design + One Stop Home Solutions

Spaice is a interior design company that works with  reputable construction companiesin Canada and the USA. Whatever your house renovation needs are, whether it is core renovation services, interior design services, or exterior renovation needs, Spaice  has you covered.

Spaice is a professional interior design company that provides all your renovation needs in the USA, Canada, and the environs.

We work with licensed contractorsto offer you high-quality services at very low prices in Canada and the United States.

Spaice doeshome renovations and interior design for a fair price with the help of our networkof certified contractors. We will get your house or apartment in tip-top shape, regardless of whether it is an older building that you have just purchased or one that has been there for a while but is showing its age.

We build beautiful and comfortable environments for you.

We spend a sizeable chunk of our daily lives in and around buildings, so we should make them provide the maximum amount of comfort. When you are at home or in the office, and when you go for recreational activities, you do them on the exterior of a house. Having acknowledged this, Spaice has made it a duty to provide you with the best buildings that suit your every need. Our building renovation prioritizes aesthetics and comfort. So, we work hard to make sure your living, working, and play spaces are better than you expected.

Spaice offers beautiful interior design services that will leave you speechless and satisfied. Working with us is simple and requires no time investment on your part. Just hand your house over to us and go to sleep. Don’t forget, we are one of the best interior design companies in Canada and the US.

Our Mission

Refurbishing your house into a beautiful haven of a home

"There is not a place like home." How true is this for your home? There are so many stress factors in our world today, which makes it important for your home to be your haven. A well-built house provides the peace of mind that we all require.

Your idea + our expertise = the beautiful home of your dreams.

At Spaice, we're committed to giving you renovations that look great and interior design services that make you feel good. Our renovation service ensures that your home has all the requirements a home should have. With Spaice, "what you see is what you get," because we take your ideas and bring them to life in a better way. We work hard to make your unique concept a reality according to your family and home type.

We have a rapidly growing network of general contractors who work with us at Spaice

How do Spaice's interior design services work?

We have a rapidly growing network of general contractors who work with us at Spaice. These independent contractor partners are essential to our survival.

They have achieved or exceeded the benchmarks that distinguish us from our rivals significantly. Those that can work here often do so for a considerable amount of time. We value lasting connections and we root for the success of morally upright individuals.

Homeowners have faith in our contractors because they know we will support them. Because of this, we will put our reputation in their hands and publish contractor ratings based on what other customers have said about them. We are also passionate about what we do, which has translated into a wealth of experience needed for your project.

Our guiding principles

Customer friendliness

Spaice understands that a happy customer will return. We uphold all International best practices when working with you. We put you first from the onset of our collaboration. All our staff and renovation contractors adhere strictly to all the rules set to make working with you seamless. At Spaice, we are a 100% customer-friendly renovation firm.

Developing a more cooperative approach

Spaice is built on an easy-to-understand communication model. We work with the entire team on well-mapped short-term, midterm, and long-term blueprints. Anyone working for the company is free to collaborate on cross-cutting issues and offer their knowledge, experience, and goodwill. That is one method of empowering our team members.

An easy-to-access feedback channel

A company with an effective and easy-to-use feedback channel is an attentive one. Spaice organizes various training programs and feedback channels. We have our mentorship program which begins from Day 1 and continues with a monthly anonymous survey. Each of our contractors has received management training, and they can meet one-on-one with you at any time you want.

We play hard, but work harder

We try to make it fun since we spend a lot of time together at work. Our training programs are the best as it educates and entertains at the same time. We have time to unwind in the most fun ways and commemorate individual and group accomplishments, birthdays, work anniversaries, and the arrival of new babies. This makes our staff give you their best when at work.

Eco-friendly and international best practices

We believe that by working at Spaice, we can influence not just the company's operations but also the environment. We think that to thrive and expand, we must protect our ecosystem. Renovations by our team of certified contractors are not hazardous to the ecosystem in any way.

Best Interior design services

Quality interior design service delivery

High-quality residential projects are what we deliver at Spaice Interior Design. Our interior design experts offer outstanding design services that will suit your taste.

We employ the best skills and craftsmanship in designing unique homes that reflect your tastes and living comfort. We make use of high-quality furniture materials which give your home both comfort and greater value.

The clientele of Canada and USA Interior Design frequently request a complete luxury experience while also looking to increase the value of their homes through capital renovations in townhouses, penthouses, landmarks, and new construction.

Meet the highest international interior design standards

All of our interior designers are adequately in line with international best standards, which makes them creators of awe-inspiring interior designs.

We take the stress and burden off the shoulders of homeowners and renters who feel overwhelmed by the interior design process. Ours is to go over the possibilities with you so you can be completely confident in the style you choose. Above all, our delivery is quick.

Flexible and creative interior design company

The term "design" covers a wide range of topics, from the actual floor plan layout to the more aesthetically pleasing interior design components. As a comprehensive design-build company, our specialty is in providing for every design requirement that can arise during an interior remodel. We can accommodate your requests for a certain bathroom tile style, better traffic flow in your kitchen, or the conversion of an underutilized closet into a washer/dryer room.

Sometimes, when you need an interior design done, you have an aesthetic picture in mind, replete with color schemes and an inspiring mood board. It may also happen that you do not know exactly what you're looking for, but you are aware of the appeal of contemporary trends or the sleek, retro mood of mid-century modern that suits your tastes. Perhaps you are completely unsure of what fashion best suits you. Don't worry, all you need to do is to ask for our assistance in identifying what's best for you. Spaice interior design experts have the knowledge, experience, creativity, and patience needed to meet your needs. So, if you have a vision, we can make it a reality. If not, we'll brainstorm and point you in the direction of the perfect look for your room.

What’s in our interior design showroom?

Convenient full-service interior design shop
At Spaice, we understand that a beautiful environment makes for a better life. As a result, since our inception, we've been collating the finest furniture and accessories for use in private residences, commercial establishments, and public areas all around the globe.
The showroom's primary functions are to serve as a source of creative inspiration and to provide customers a chance to purchase the interior design materials they're interested in so they may design their custom environment.
Staff at Spaice showroom are there to answer any questions customers may have. We worked with suppliers from all around the world to stock our showroom with swatches of their interior design wares.
Realtime consultation with interior design experts

Our professional interior designers are available to provide you with no-cost, in-person, one-on-one assistance with all aspects of the design process, from initial concept development through final installation. You can come in with your design ideas and see them realized, or you can trust our designers to do it for you.

Spaice's cutting-edge design software is a fantastic visualization tool that can instantly bring your vision to life as you build your dream project. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

It's not as easy to get a sense of the project's scope as it would be with typical 2D drawings or mood board drawings. It is quite expensive and time-consuming to fix mistakes and make changes during a restoration job. It's foolish to put yourself in danger like that.

To avoid misunderstandings, we will provide you with a 720-degree virtual walkthrough and photorealistic rendered photos. Any adjustments that need to be made to ensure your complete satisfaction can be implemented quickly. The entire construction schedule will be accelerated as a result of this.

Most importantly, our customers may get everything they need to furnish and decorate their homes here in one convenient location.

Instantaneous order fulfillment

After you've given the green light on the design and the budget, we'll start working with you to develop a project schedule that includes milestones for product delivery and building.

We recommend expert vendors

To bring your ideas to life, we've teamed up with a group of skilled general contractors. Our clients may be assured that only the most qualified and thoroughly vetted professionals will be working on their homes. Many reputable businesses have joined forces with us to create Smart Renovation, powered by RBC Ventures. To put it simply, they are the go-to people for all renovation requirements.

Why We're the Most Trusted Home renovation Network company in Canada and USA

With many years of experience fulfilling customers’ home improvement wishes, Spaice renovation works with a network of certified interior design companies. So no matter the size and scope of your project, we will provide you with all the interior design services you need. We have a well-established process that will ensure a smooth experience for you and give your biggest investment – your home – the respect and attention it deserves.

spaice Studio provides top-notch house renovations in Toronto and GTA. Our exceptional service and positive reviews on Google and HomeStar reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality work.

Eileen Jiang in Toronto
Eileen Jiang in Toronto
Basement Renovation

Andy did a great job as a business development manager, he made the whole process so enjoyable! When there were some issues happening, Andy was so nice to take time to answer my concerns and fix things quickly. Finally, I love my basement design and was delighted with the final results.

Tina in Toronto
Tina in Toronto
Detached house owner

I'd never heard of Spaice before but a friend recommended I check out their website. I wanted to invest in a bit of interior design for my new apartment. I called them two months ago and discussed with their designer about the kitchen and bathroom floor plan and my preference.

Luke Walker in Markham
Luke Walker in Markham
Full house renovation

Spaice have been incredible to work with. When we purchased our new home, we wanted to put our personal touches on our new space, but were frankly overwhelmed. They listened to our wish list and ideas for the spaces and was able to thoughtfully, and artfully, make those ideas a reality.

Michael in Toronto
Michael in Toronto
3D Interior design

I was looking for interior design companies that specialize in home reno design in Toronto. I've worked with other interior design companies in the past but Spaice is by far the most impressive team I've worked with. They sent me a home tour in 3d at the very beginning showing that we were all working on the same page. They turn my idea into a stunning design, I said WOW at the time they show me the final 3d rendering of the whole house design. Good job guys!

Katherine in Toronto
Katherine in Toronto
Whole house renovation

My colleague recommended I check in with Spaice to help design my house interior. From start to finish, Spaice communicated quickly and listened to my ideas. My living room design and bathroom renovation have made my home feel much more inviting. I love how they have created more space by redesigning all the furniture, including the cabinets and closets. They sent me the virtual view rendering based on the new floor plan design; I could see every detail of the interior design before the reno started; it's a perfect internal design experience with Spaice team. Thank you, guys!

William Tseng in Markhamoronto
William Tseng in Markhamoronto
Basement renovation

It was such a positive experience working with Spaice to renovate my basement! Every segment, from design to construction, was nicely coordinated, and I was delighted with the service they provided along the way. The designers, Carol and Julia, were experienced and gave amazing layout, design and finishes suggestions. Project managers Peter and Tony were also very professional in procuring the materials and overseeing the project. I would recommend them to anyone looking to renovate their homes.

Amy in Toronto
Amy in Toronto
Kitchen renovation

Fantastic experience from start to finish. I love seeing the virtual walkthrough that they designed for my kitchen. Spaice answered all my questions quickly and listened to my input. I had some inspiration from Instagram, and they created a unique space for me based on the things I love: super helpful team and amazing service. I wish I'd booked a consultation sooner, the result is just fantastic and completed so quickly too. Thank you!

Shelly Douglas in Scarborough
Shelly Douglas in Scarborough
Basement renovation

I had a basement upgrade for my dated 1970s looking space. They had to demolish my bar and remove a lot of annoying stucco and create a better looking laundry room and office space. I met with Susan who was so personable and down to earth and helped make decisions based on my budget. Then I worked with Julia who helped me see the vision in a matterport scan . That was my favorite part, since I have challenges when it comes to envisioning a space. Thank you Susan and the whole team . I highly recommend you!

Our Process - Spaice interior design workflow

At Spaice, we understand how hectic house renovations can be for homeowners. We are poised to help you have the best home renovation experience. Hence, we have implemented a simple process of completing home renovations in little or no time.

Below is a step-by-step guide to achieving an excellent house renovation project with Spaice.

Book an appointment

Getting a beautiful home renovation starts with a phone call or an email to our customer service center. The customer agent will book you for a visiting appointment at a date convenient for you and our team. You can decide to visit our showroom or opt for a discovery call. Whichever one your choice is, you will have an array of home renovation products and advice options to choose from. At Spaice, we have an experienced customer care agent and an experienced contractor available 24/7 to attend to your needs.

Start your home renovation design

After you visit our showroom for home remodeling, our carefully chosen team of home remodeling contractors will start designing the plan you chose.

Your design will consider things like your taste and the taste of people who might buy your home. These two things and others will be put together and used professionally to make your home renovation look good.

Confirm your design and get a quote

Our professional home remodeling design experts will take very little time to finish your renovation design project. Once they are done with the design and touch-ups, they will package it and send it to you in your chosen format. Alternatively, you may also decide to come over to our office and look at it by yourself.

When you get your design, you can ask for changes, which our designers will do gladly because they like to please their clients. When the design meets your desired standard and gets your approval, we will give you a quotation for your renovation project.

Choose from our matched renovation contractors

You have received your budget-friendly home renovation quotation tailored to meet your needs. It's now time for you to choose from one of our many certified home renovation contractors.

The renovation contractor in charge of your project will have a major impact on how well it turns out. Our handpicked renovation specialists are to put together all the professionalism needed to make your vision a reality, so we only work with the most experienced and trustworthy people. We know that you're spending a lot on a remodel, so we recommend only the best renovation contractors with skilled professionals, credentials, and insurance.

We work with a list of the top home renovation companies because, as with most businesses, one size does not fit all.

Get your renovation done

Your chosen contractor will be mobilized to get to work immediately. Our contractors are professionals, so they implement your approved renovation design accordingly. When all things are equal, your house renovation will be completed in a short while. You are welcome to visit the renovation site, ask questions, and make changes where necessary.

Now you have seen how to get your home renovation done without stress. Get in touch now and let us make the journey a pleasantly memorable one.