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Team of interior design experts

Full service design company - we make stunning spaces

At Spaice, we work with an assemblage of Canada's leading interior design companies. Our carefully screened interior design contractors can give you expert advice on how to decorate your home based on your wants, needs, budget, and way of life.

We plan and design the interiors of your new and existing structures. We put a lot of thought into how well they work, what materials they are made of, and how comfortable they are to use. This makes them brilliant partners for a wide range of construction and interior design projects. Our interior architects work in a wide range of fields, including furniture design, office building design, and private residential construction. We always put the unique needs of homeowners in mind.

Functional and aesthetic room designing

Full service interior decoration for personal, everlasting, and warm interiors.

Spaice interior design architects are experts in developing room structures and dimensions as well as functional utilization units and functional optimization. However, planning and designing (interior) rooms come first. This is true for both new construction and renovations, additions, extensions, and conversions of existing structures.

We solve all of your interior design problems by putting you in touch with the best people in the field.

One-Stop Solution interior design solution

For turnkey projects, you deal with one person from beginning to end.

Each interior design company we work with is sure to customize your project to make it unique and functional, while also adhering to your taste, personal identity, core values, and special needs. With our working approach and skilled eye, we will assist you in expressing your style.

A trustworthy interior design partner

Spaice works on any type of property and makes each spectacular, appealing, and valuable.

Spaice is a partner to trust. We follow you from design to completion and provide you with the right furniture and accents. Our company goes above and beyond the call of duty by providing one-on-one consultations for homeowners needing interior design tips.

Our method of work makes each interior design project unique. We help you identify your desires in terms of style, colors, and materials so that your property becomes a center of comfort and value. Spaice uses virtual rendering to help you have a preview of your finished home in all of its glory.

Why work with Spaice interior design experts?

Spaice interior designers are specialists in planning and building interior spaces in an architectural context. The design of your immediate environment requires special design skills, considering ecological, economic, cultural, and social conditions.

Our sleek interior design process

In the beginning, we engage in an intensive discussion with the homeowner or people who will use the planned rooms. This is aimed at integrating their well-being, and psychological and social needs into the planning process.

720-degree virtual walkthrough and photorealistic rendering

To avoid misunderstandings, we will provide you with a 720-degree virtual walkthrough and photorealistic rendered photos. Any adjustments that need to be made to ensure your complete satisfaction can be implemented quickly. The entire construction schedule will be accelerated as a result of this.

Eco-friendly interior designing

Whatever the type of construction project, every plan is aimed at economical and ecological execution. Technical and constructive relationships are considered.

Immediately after this, our designers are mobilized to use artistic and aesthetic means to create an individual, unmistakable room environment. This includes the creative handling of the design elements of material, color, and light.

Designing for your comfort needs

The Spaice team designs and furnishes your home's interior to make it more functional, comfortable, and aesthetic. We optimize the volumes and work on every part of the home according to its use. All sections are given unique attention; the kitchen, dining, rooms, loft, bathroom space, basement, etc. We offer professional design furniture to fit your taste.  All materials and equipment are durable and of high quality. Our customer-friendly team of experts works with you from the phase of consultation, monitors your site, provides project management, and carries out the mandatory administrative procedures to guarantee you serious and quality work. Therefore, we surround ourselves with the best partners to work on your project.